Sena 30K

Sena 30K Bluetooth Communication Device

Sena is one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycle Bluetooth communications systems. The Sena 30K released in late 2017 was their latest flagship model to hit the market.

As soon as the device arrived I couldn’t wait to get it on my helmet (HJC IS-17). My first impressions; it looks impressive with its sharp lines and blocky features. It looks like something that should be bolted to the side of Darth Vaders helmet.


  • Mesh Intercom up to 16 users in 1 group.
  • Full Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone, phone calls, music, GPS, all function in smartphone imaginable will be available.
  • Voice Control operation supported.
  • Multi-Tasking system, you can chat while you are commanding Sena.
  • Advanced noise control system to reduce all noise during the use.
  • FM radio integrated, ride with Radio on playing.

What is Mesh Technology?

Now, this is one of the big features packed into the Sena 30K. It allows a group of riders of up to 16 people to all be privately connected at once. This is where Mesh Technology comes in. If one of the group decides to venture out of range and loses connection, then when they rejoin the group, the network will seamlessly reconnect them. What more could you want!

What’s in the Box?

When you open the box you are greeted with the communicator module plus a base unit that has the helmet clip with the boom microphone attached.

Pull the top layer off and there’s a handy guide for getting started, charging cords, a wired boom microphone (for flip-up helmets), and a wired microphone (for full-face helmets). It also contains microphone covers, an adhesive option to attach the base plate and various bits and adhesives to position and attach the speakers and microphones.

The Sena App

Now, along with Mesh Technology, you also get a dedicated app for your Sena 30K. The app will provide you an easy way to adjust settings and allow you to program FM Radio stations to listen to on that long ride or on your way to work.

The ‘Snags’

Now I don’t consider these cons of the Sena 30K hence the title ‘Snags’ as these are really minor points. One snag that I’ve come is across is that sometimes if you accelerate a tad too quickly or it is a gusty day. The dial can be caught in the wind and the max volume prompt will beep, so it can get annoying at times.


All in all the Sena 30K should be right up there if you are considering getting a Bluetooth Communication device. I have owned the 30K for just over a year now and honestly, it has been a dream to own. It’s a reliable bit of kit and is very easy to use. One thing that still surprises me is when receiving phone calls going along the motorway the personal on the other end can still hear me loud and clear when I think there’s tons of wind noise.

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