Passmasters Rider Training – Review

I came across Passmasters Rider Training through a local motorcycle dealer based in High Wycombe, Brian Gray’s Powerbiker.

Now, High Wycombe isn’t the only place Passmasters do their stuff, they have two other centers; one in Sudbury Hill which is their main base for anyone looking to do the CBT course and the other; is in Northolt, both are located in the West of London so there’s a bit of choice here.

I came to Passmasters on very short notice and they got me in the very next day. Now, I wanted to go for the whole shebang to get my A license. I also had a slight bit of anxiety (see previous blog post) as I hadn’t ridden in a long time. So I decided to take the free assessment so the instructors could see if my skills were up to par but also at the same time to see if this is the place I wanted to go for.

Decisions, decisions…

After the free assessment, I had a chance to have a little natter with the instructors. I told them about my experience and they gave me feedback straight away. They recommended I should opt for the 3-day course but 4 days would make it more certain that I passed.


Now I just wanted to get it done as quickly as possible so I could get the bike hunting underway, but I had to be realistic with myself, so I opted to go for the 4 days as this gave me more time on the bike and getting to grips with being on the road with 600cc’s under me. The price of the 4 days will set you back about £795, which in my opinion was a very reasoned amount. Here is a more comprehensive list of the pricing breakdown Passmasters has to offer on their website.

Equipment & Bikes

Now, all of my training was based at the Northolt center as I was doing the DAS course. The Northolt center is based in one of the gravel car parks at the C&L Country club.

Passmasters do offer basic equipment such as motorcycle jackets, leggings, and helmets free of charge. However, they do recommend you bring your own gloves due to hygiene reasons.

They have a mini fleet of 600cc+ bikes some of which have restrictors fitted to them if you want to do your A2 license. Now, when I was learning, I mostly did so on a Suzuki SV-650. Which was actually a very nice bike to ride and learn on. I actually considered it as one of my options for my first bike. One other bike that I only spent a short amount of time on was what I believe was Kawasaki Z600.


One of the big swaying points for picking Passmasters, was that after the free assessment day came on deciding how many days of the DAS course I should opt for. They didn’t push me or give me the whole sales pitch to try and get more money out of me.

I would personally recommend anyone in the areas of High Wycombe and West London who are looking to get into biking or doing their licenses, definitely give Passmasters Rider Training a look. Their instructors are down to earth chaps, some VERY chatty but that makes the experience all the better. They are very knowledgable and let me tell you very patient if you are struggling in certain areas.

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